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Hemp Bombs aim to provide premium CBD products to their customers. They source their CBD from premium grade, organic certified industrial hemp that is free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

In addition to following strict sourcing requirements, they also have their own set of quality control standards, including third party lab testing, the results of which are available on their website. As such, they claim that anyone who uses their products “will benefit from the most authentic, cleanest products on the market”.

They manufacturer all their products in-house but ensure that they have the highest quality hemp. They are continually researching the best practices in the cultivation of hemp, and do their best to stay close to the plants they use to produce their CBD extract.

They have a strict set of requirements for the hemp plants. They must be organic certified. This means that they will be grown without pesticides, toxic fertilizers and harmful metals. This way they can be sure of having the highest quality CBD with no pollutants. Furthermore, choosing hemp that is free of pesticides and toxins is not just beneficial to the customer, but it also helps the environment. They only use hemp that is grown with sustainable environmentally friendly methods. By ensuring that the hemp is grown in pure soil they can be sure that the hemp is pure and that harmful toxins are not seeping into the earth. To this end, they work with farmers who have optimizes the process of cultivating industrial hemp. They only work with experts who provide 100% transparency about their growing methods.

They have recently switched from sourcing their hemp in Europe to America as they now feel that the soil quality and farming methods in the US are of the same quality as Europe. They have made sure that this did not affect the quality, purity or potency of their hemp by submitting all their products for third party laboratory testing. The lab reports are available online, so customers can be absolutely clear about the product they are receiving.

Hemp Bombs products include gummies, capsules, e-liquid, vape tanks, oil, syrups, and more.


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