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incredibles was founded in 2010 as a company producing cannabis chocolate bars. It has since grown into Colorado’s highest-volume, and the most nationally awarded, infused product company. This is thanks to the company’s reputation for quality extract and product innovation.

incredibles has invested in long-term growth and this way has solidified its position as a leader in consistency. They have an excellent reputation for product safety, extraction purity, ingredient quality, consistent dosing and consumer packaging.

The parent company of the incredibles brand, Medically Correct LLC, was founded by Bob Eschino and Rick Scarpello to bring professional and consistent edibles to the cannabis marketplace. They have over 30 years’ experience in business development and food production expertise. This has allowed them to develop incredibles to the point where the products are synonymous with quality and the brand has become a ‘cult-classic’ with budtenders.

The company now develops, grows, extracts, manufactures and distributes a large variety of cannabis edibles, ePens, and extraction technologies, and are regarded as one of the most consistently trusted consumer edibles brands.

The product range includes a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich edibles, and they are consistently working to bring customers new and exciting products. They promise that every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent potency and the highest possible levels of food production safety.

The company has always operated with a wholesale manufacturing business model and they have the largest distribution channel in Colorado. They also work to educate consumers in Colorado and work with regulators to advocate for consumer safe access. They also place an emphasis on cannabis research and the brand is continually working to expand. They can now be found in a number of states and have plans to expand to a number more the near future.

incredibles have made a priority of food safety, dosing consistency, child proof packaging, and government relations. They are firm believers in the power of the cannabis plant and its recreational and therapeutic properties.

In 2018 they won the Rooster Cup for the incredible Wellness Bath Salts, while in 2017 they won a number of awards including the High Times [SoCal] 1st Place CBD Edible, the High Times 10 Best Topicals of 2017 for the Wellness Bath Salts, and the TripSavvy The 11 Best Edibles in Colorado.

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