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Nature’s Grace and Wellness

The O’Hern Family founded Nature’s Grace and Wellness in 2014 as part of the Compassionate Care Act of Illinois. They have a Grow Center located on their family farm in Fulton County, Vermont IL.

The company is fully owned and operated by the O’Hern family. They are fifth generation farmers and run the O’Hern Stock Farms in Western Illinois. They are based in the Spoon River Valley area and are passionate about improving the livelihood, health and wellness of not only themselves and family members, but also of their friends and neighbors.

At the head of the family are parents Kelley and Larry, they have four sons all of whom have strong backgrounds in agriculture and take an active role in the family business. Throughout their family history they have been heavily involved in agriculture through the production of grain and livestock. The O’Herns have been recognized both locally and nationally for their commitment to agriculture that is sustainable, safe and responsible.

Their inspiration for Nature’s Grace and Wellness began with a desire to help family members that are suffering from medical conditions that medical cannabis could help. Through this personal connection to the benefits of medical cannabis grew the desire to help others. This combined with their passion and knowledge of agriculture led to them seeking a role in Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.

At heart, the O’Hern’s are very much agriculture people and the sustainable, responsible and safe cultivation of medical cannabis is a natural extension of their family operations and the goals they have set out for the future of their community.

The experienced growing team on the farm use proven natural growing techniques in a state of the art growing center that ensures that the medicine produced is safe for patients and the environment. They work tirelessly to grow the best possible medical cannabis. Each bud is individually inspected, hand watered, hand manicured and then packaged by in-house experts.

Nature’s Grace and Wellness partner with a number of Illinois based companies in order to make their products as widely available as possible.

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