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Quality Resources

Quality Resources is one of the largest cannabis growers and producers in California. They have a 30,000 square foot facility based in Adelanto, California. Half of this space is dedicated to manufacturing (extracting and processing), 10,000 square foot is dedicated to distribution, and the remaining 5,000 square foot is used for private labeling. This makes it one of the largest master planned cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities in the state of California.

The company manufactures on a big batch, brewery scale level. Quality Resources’ manufacturing process also includes remediation at an industry leading scale. They are capable of producing 300,000 grams of finished distillate each day with total COGs 50% less than under current operating conditions. They are also capable of remediating 50,000x grams per day, making the company one of the industry leaders in remediation.

Quality Resources has the capacity to decarboxylate 2.5 million grams per day and they are can then winterize substantially the same capacity each day. They have a quality control standard for distillate of 80% or over THC, and pesticides that meet or exceed the California regulatory standard. The company produce distillate that is honey colored yellow or clear “water clear” 80% THC. The company operates around the clock every day of the year, and they have process software to control costs and maintain compliance with California regulatory requirements in real time.

Quality Resources’ brand has a full line of retail products that includes vape pens, batteries, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, sauces, and crystalline. Their brand is also a full service team and includes brand development, marketing, graphic design, social media coordination and community outreach. They are also capable of white labeling production. The team consists of professionals that formerly worked in a number of well-known retail, event and media companies including Tilly’s, Famous, and Live Nation. Since May 2018, the Quality Resources brand has a 4.9/5 star rating on Weedmaps based on over 280 reviews.

At Quality Resources they are continually working to revolutionize the cannabis industry into a commodities market and aim to expand their manufacturing and distribution operations to Northern California.

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