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Two masters of the cannabis industry who have a true passion for helping others founded W Vapes in 2015.

The company has bases in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its inception, it has been winning awards for its 100% pure, pesticide free, CO2 extracted, lab tested oil. The brand has gained popularity in multiple states and it looks set to continue to grow.

The company states that its mission is to produce the world’s number one cannabis concentrate. To achieve this they adhere to the highest standards in every aspect of the creation process including sourcing, extraction, customer service, and packaging. They are continually working to improve their methods and find new ways to fulfil customer demand. Their concentrate is made from pesticide free cannabis that is sourced from local growers. The products are vigorously tested at every phase of the extraction process to ensure that they are entirely free of contaminants.

Everything in W Vapes’ oil is extracted from organic flowers, there are no additives, mixing of strains, store-bought terpenes or added flavorings. They use a solvent-free extraction process and their post-production methods have been designed to preserve and naturally amplify the pure, strain specific, full spectrum terpene profiles of the original cannabis flower.

W Vapes’ proprietary terpene-separation method preserves the maximum authenticity and flavor of the original plant, which is extracted in strain-specific, small-batch runs. They use a low-heat distillation process that clarifies the oil to perfection without compromising on flavor. They are 100% transparent about the oil’s contents and share the full panels of results of their dual lab testing for each and every batch of oil they extract.

The company believes that high quality oil requires a clean and safe delivery system, and to that end they were the first vaporizer manufacturers to use only glass and surgical-grade stainless steel for all of their cartridges. This results in a pure, smooth, and delicious experience from the first puff.

The oils undergo testing both in-house at their extraction laboratory, and by multiple third-party testing laboratories. Thanks to this, you can be sure that W Vapes are truly providing the purity they advertise.

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