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Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Profile

All strains / Cannabis / How to choose / Sativa / THC / December 16, 2020

Summoning the alter ego of the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner is a hybrid cannabis strain is slightly Sativa-dominant and packs one heck of a wallop. This is enough to carry a name synonymous with the muscle-bound green machine of Marvel Comics fame. With a high THC content, memorable flavors and aromas, Bruce Banner delivers on expectations with its strong showing in every profile category.

Bruce Banner

Strain: 60% Sativa

A slight Sativa-dominant hybrid, Bruce Banner is as strong as its angry green counterpart but comes with none of the rage and anger the character is known for. In fact, Bruce Banner cannabis is known for its calming effect and mental clarity synonymous with the learned scientist for which it is named.

The strain is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Developed by Dark Horse Genetics, this strain has three main phenotypes and each is highly regarded among the cannabis community.

THC Content: Average 23% / As high as 29%

An exceptional and potent strain of Sativa-dominant cannabis, Bruce Banner is sought after for its numerous uplifting properties. The strain’s many phenotypes are all considered potent. However, the Bruce Banner #3 strain is the strongest of the group. Those seeking the strongest high will find their clear choice in Bruce Banner #3. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll cover the profile for Bruce Banner #3 moving forward.

Flavors: sweet, spicy, citrus

Users continually remark on the sweet flavor of Bruce Banner #3 cannabis as well as its spicy citrus tones that induce a lip-smacking sensation. The flavor takes on a more earthy tone after ignition, whereas the sweetness falls behind.

Fragrance: earthy, citrus, spicy

Bruce Banner #3’s fragrance is exceptional and that quality is owed largely to the strain’s strawberry cough parentage.

The terpene profile of Bruce Banner #3 cannabis is predominantly made up of humulene, linalool, and beta-caryophyllene, as detailed below:

  • ~4% Linalool
  • ~1.5% Beta-Caryophyllene
  • ~1% Alpha Humulene
  • ~1% Alpha Pinene
  • ~0.5% Beta Myrcene
  • <0.01% Limonene
  • <0.01% Terpinolene


Most Common Uses: mood elevator, relaxation, stress relief

This strain offers users quite a bit of benefit when considering mental well-being.

Bruce Banner #3 does show to be significant in alleviating minor to moderate pain. However, the most benefits of this strain shine through in its ability to elevate the mood, relieve stress, and help bring on euphoric and relaxing sensations.

Additionally, Bruce Banner #3 will help to reduce fatigue and anxiety among patients and recreational users.

All these qualities support the apt name of this strain as it exhibits just about every opposite characteristic synonymous with the Incredible Hulk.

Side Effects: dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness

By far the biggest gripe people have with this strain is the fact that it has significant chances of inducing cottonmouth. Fortunately, that’s a side effect most patients and users will run into. Still, it is a high probability according to user experience.

Dry eyes are another common side effect associated with Bruce Banner #3.

Lastly, and likely due to the potency of this Sativa-dominant hybrid, some users report bouts of dizziness brought on by Bruce Banner #3.

For Growers: indoor/outdoor, tall, cold tolerant, sensitive to humidity

Because the strain was developed by Dark Horse Genetics, they will be the ideal source for seeds of any of the three Bruce Banner strains.

Despite its considerable amount of Indica genetics, Bruce Banner #3 can result in a rather large and sprawling plant. Outdoor growers can expect this strain to push 9 or 10 feet tall in good conditions. Indoor growers will find it can be kept at a more manageable height of 4 to 5 feet.

This strain is considered by some experienced growers to be moderate in the difficulty of cultivation.

Bruce Banner #3 can tolerate cold better than most, with temps as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit providing an ideal low. 80 degrees Fahrenheit would be the ceiling for ideal temps when growing Bruce Banner cannabis.

A high humidity environment would not suit this strain as its Indica parentage keeps the plant densely comprised of foliage and flower. With excessive moisture in the air, the chances of unwanted mold and other disease increase.

Final Thoughts on Bruce Banner

A clever name for a quality Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, Bruce Banner delivers in its quest to provide a mellow and enjoyable experience for patients and recreational cannabis users.

The Dark Horse Genetics team made a fine addition to the growing fleet of high THC Sativa cannabis available today. With parentage of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel varieties, there is both new variety and classic consistency available in one package.

A zesty and invigorating experience on the front end gives way to thick and earthy smoke that results in a relaxing and happy time. Bear in mind that cottonmouth could be in your future with this strain.

Due to its high THC content, Bruce Banner #3 may not be first on the list for new patients or recreational users. Scale up the dosage slowly is your tolerance is low. Otherwise, veterans can dive in knowing this strain’s potency will meet their needs.

As a medium difficulty strain to grow, it may now be suitable for the beginner. High tolerance for low temperature may make this a suitable strain to grow in cooler environments.

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