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How to use ‘Already Been Vaped’ Cannabis – Already Vaped Bud (ABV) Uses

All strains / Cannabis / CBD Isolate / CBD Oils / CBD Products / How to choose / Hybrid / Indica / Sativa / THC / March 15, 2021

While vaping has been a preferred method of cannabis use for decades now, the leavings of toasty brown buds are in no way a worthless product. Just as vaping helps users imbibe the superficial cannabinoid structures of bud, a significant amount of psychoactive substances remain within the structure of ABV weed.


That said, the potency of your AVB will vary widely. This can depend on the temperature at which the flower was vaped, the original potency level, and how you will go on to use the ABV. So, it’ll be important to have a substantial amount of AVB before approaching any of these additional use methods. This will ensure you have enough to include in any of the following suggested use cases and find the best use based on your preference.

Here’s what you can do with your Already Been Vaped cannabis to get even more use and enjoyment out of your flower.

Making Edibles

As you might have heard, cannabis can be eaten to imbue the body and mind with some powerful psychoactive experiences.

Under normal circumstances, the chemical composition of cannabis would require you to undertake a process called decarboxylation (decarbing) your flower before the body can process its psychoactive agents. This is generally achieved by heating the flower at low heat for some time. This helps to break certain chemical bonds that allow the body to process THC and get those feel-good effects we’ve come to enjoy.

Fortunately, vaping weed completes this heating process as you vape. This leaves you with a product that is both ready to incorporate into further processing to get more use out of your flower.

The most common means of making edibles with cannabis is by simply baking it into an array of treats your mind can think up. All one has to do is incorporate their ABV into the mix. you can add it to anything else you like as well, not just sweets. Throw your ABV in a stew or on top of a pan-fried fish filet, the choice is up to you.

Unfortunately, due to the changes cannabis flower undergoes during vaping, it can be difficult to ascertain just how potent your edibles will be when it comes time to eat. So, it’s best to err on the side of caution. In this case, and eat slowly to get a gauge on your edibles’ strength.

Water Curing

This method is more of a process to soften the sharp taste that AVB can have. By water curing, you are removing the “burnt” qualities of the product with a rather high level of efficiency. Because the taste overall will be more mellow, you will then be able to use your AVB in a more versatile way.

To water cure your AVB, wrap your vaped flower in a length of cheesecloth and submerge it in water for several days. You are essentially creating a large tea bag. Be sure to use filtered water as standard tap water contains chemicals like chlorine and chloramine that you don’t really want coming into contact with your product if you can avoid it.

After about four to five days, you can remove your SVB from the water and spread it out evenly on a baking sheet. Bake in an oven on the lowest temperature setting for two to three hours, softly mixing and respreading every half hour. The resulting product is much milder compared to its original quality. You can then freely add your AVB to any food or drink you like for a bit of a kick.

This may seem like a bit of effort for a marginally improved product. However, that all depends on your level of taste and the intended use. We recommend you try this method at least once before you dismiss it altogether.

Raw Eating

Just as you might imagine, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Since your AVB is already decarb and ready to ingest, you can literally go to town munching on your vaped flower. This may not be the tastiest method. However, if you’re not a particularly scrutinizing individual, this is the easiest method by which you can reap the additional benefits of your AVB.

Packing Capsules

If the taste or texture of AVB turns you off altogether from the edible route, packing gel capsules can get you around those issues with ease.

Any individual can purchase medical-grade empty gel capsules online or from appropriate retail locations.

By opting for this method, anyone can fill their own gel capsules with ready-to-ingest AVB with no taste, texture, or aroma issues.

Simply separate the two halves of a capsule, fill with AVB, and reattach the two ends. Again, without knowing the particular potency of your AVB, you will want to experiment first with a lower dosage before ramping up how many capsules you take to achieve the desired state.

Beverage Making

Just like sugar in your morning tea or coffee, AVB can be added for a bit of extra enjoyment.

Keep in mind that cannabinoids bind to fat molecules, so adding a pat of butter or milk and cream will enhance the effects while helping combat the bitter quality of cooked AVB in your beverage of choice.

Oil infusion

Often leveraging the shelf-stability and added flavor of coconut oil, cannabis can be combined with this readily available substance to make a lasting source of cooking oil infused with THC.

Simply combine your AVB with the amount of coconut oil you wish to infuse in a slow cooker. Keep the appliance on low heat and cook for several hours, stirring occasionally.

Once complete, filter your oil through cheesecloth in an airtight vessel, like a mason jar, and store it in a cool dry place.


Tinctures are extracts that allow you to imbibe THC without the harmful effects associated with smoking. Tinctures are generally administered sublingually, under the tongue or against the cheek.

One can use either glycerin or alcohol to make a tincture. Just make sure either is food-grade before getting started.

Once ready with your AVB and tincture medium, combine the two in a mason jar. Close tightly and let stand for several weeks, shaking daily. After the infusion period of several weeks is passed, you can strain your tincture through coffee filters to remove any particulate.

Administer your tincture by eye dropper for more precise dosage. This method will take some experimentation to achieve the desired potency. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that no two batches will be the same when using AVB, though you can get pretty close by keeping the ratios similar from batch to batch.

Just Smoke It, Yo

When all else fails and you’re hard up with nothing green to smoke, you can rely on AVB to get the job done. Keep in mind that it’ll take a bit more material to achieve the desired effect.

Now that you know a bit about how to get multiple uses out of your AVB, you’ll never look at your toasted flower the same again. In the spirit of efficiency, keep a container near to your vape and never let a load go to waste.

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