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CBD Dabs

Dabbing is a way of inhaling CBD. It provides you with a small, but very strong hit of CBD in a quick and easy manner.

Normally dabbing involves the smoking of CBD wax or CBD crystals. However, you can also buy special cartridges, for your vaporizer, or even a special vaporizer designed to handle wax or crystals. Dabbing cartridges are made with extra wide openings so that they are easy to load and have special heating coils designed for wax and crystals.

CBD Dabs are plant-derived CBD oil concentrates that provide all the benefits of CBD with much faster delivery. They are created when cannabinoids are extracted using a solvent, such as carbon dioxide or butane. This produces in a sticky oil that is often called wax or shatter. Later in the process, terpenes are added for flavor profiles and therapeutic effects. As a result, most forms of CBD Dabs are highly concentrated, far more concentrated than traditional CBD vape oil. It is also highly pure and the added terpenes, naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in plants, provide a truly enjoyable flavor.

The concentrate is usually dabbed onto a vaporizer or similar device (hence the name CBD Dabs), and inhaled as a vapor. This means that the calming effects of CBD are felt very quickly, often immediately. Another major advantage is that dabbing is discreet and is easy to do anywhere, especially since dab vape pens and e-rigs have become more common.

Our CBD dabs are completely natural and we offer a range of different flavors. They provide a satisfying smoking experience, and deliver you a strong dose of CBD with minimal effort. Thanks to this, you can quickly get the CBD you need, be it for pain relief, help with anxiety, or any other reason.

Checkout our range of CBD dabbing products and you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

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