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CBD for Dogs

An increasing number of people are using CBD to help their dogs. They have found that it can help with a number of conditions including epilepsy and seizures, the treatment of cancers, anxiety, pain, bowel problems, inflammation, heart problems and more.

Just as with humans, when a dog is given CBD it will interact with the endocannabinoid receptors and delivery many of the same benefits. That is why many people will keep it on hand when they think their dog may be entering a stressful situation, such as a period of separation or the relocation to a new home.

The only thing to be careful of is making sure that you have the correct dosage for your dog. Dogs come in all sizes and obviously larger dogs will need a stronger dose than smaller dogs. However, when you look at our CBD for dogs products you will find guidance to help make sure that you choose the right strength. It is for this reason that you should not give your dog CBD oil that is designed for humans. Very few dogs are as large as a fully-grown adult is and human CBD oil is made at too high a concentration. Even a very large dog that weighs more than 40-lb will not need more than 2.5mg of CBD. Many humans will use up to 10 times that amount on a daily basis.

As with all herbal medicines, it can take a few days before there is any obvious effect from the CBD. However, nothing found in the CBD products for dogs will do any damage to your bet, so it is certainly worth sticking with. You may also have to experiment with the dosage a bit in order to find the correct amount. It is always better the start small and then gradually increase the dosage until it provides the desired results.

Order some CBD for your dog today and you are sure to set tails wagging.

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