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$100 OG Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Big-money buds have earned this hybrid strain a place of distinction among cannaseurs. $100 OG’s big buds and potent high made this strain an instant favorite among the California crowd surrounding its birthplace. Since then, its reputation has spread to entice smokers from regions across the US in search of an experience they will not soon forget.

A straight 50/50 Indica Sativa split gives this strain the best of both worlds, exactly where you want it. At first glance, the name may seem to stem from its deep green and almost shimmering buds. However, the name is derived from the strain’s high price tag when introduced to Hollywood dispensaries, where consumers readily handed over $100 a 1/8th for this potent flower. Either way, you can expect significant effects throughout the body with relaxing and pain reliving qualities thanks to its Indica parentage.

Where $100 OG delivers the somatic effects characteristic of India, the Sativa side keeps users grounded with a cerebral sensation and feelings of heightened alertness.

Euphoria and uplifting moods are commonly reported by those smoking, vaping, and eating $100 OG flower and products. This helps combat the stress and anxieties of everyday life. This strain makes sure you can feel happy and focused without succumbing to the couch-lock quality of a heavy Indica strain.

While often used for its pain-relieving and relaxing effects, $100 OG is one of the best to combat stress and antianxiety. Keep in mind, these benefits are not without some heavy side effects, like cottonmouth, dry eyes, and increased appetite. These may not be a buzzkill for some while others are never far from their eye drops, cool drinks, and munchies.

OG Kush is a hybrid strain combining Hindu Kush Indica and Chemdawg Sativa strains of cannabis and clocks in at around 24% THC according to lab testing. The scent is one of sweet and skunky pine with hints of diesel, while the flavor profile adds a bit of nutty and earthy quality.

For growers, a warm and sunny climate like the San Fernando Valley where it originated will offer the best outdoor growing conditions. In areas where those qualities are not available, take your grow indoors to get the most out of your $100 OG crop.

$100 OG Kush Cannabis Strain Profile

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