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1024 Hybrid Cannabis Strain

1024 is a Sativa-dominant, hybrid cannabis strain offering sweet and spicy aromas with the addition of subtle and fruity musk.

With a THC content reaching 25% in lab tests, 1024 is a hard-hitting hybrid that instills a splendid sense of euphoria. Often resulting in giggle-fits, you will enjoy a heady and sensational high which slowly gives way to pleasant and gentle somatic relaxation.

The physical characteristics of 1024 include bright green and airy nugs that are dappled with curling ginger hairs and creamy white trichomes. You will not have much trouble breaking apart these sticky buds either.

You can expect a killer caser of the munchies with this strain as well thanks to its stimulating effects. On the flip side, you can expect to endure this strain’s most reported side effect, cottonmouth, to some degree. Dry eyes and a spell of dizziness may also present.

With its strong mental effects and bodily soothing that cannot be ignored, 1024 is an excellent choice for those who are suffering from nervousness or nerve-related conditions, such as muscle spasms and chronic pain due to injury or illness.

Bred in Spain by Medical Seeds Co., the parentage of 1024 is a closely guarded secret. While we don’t necessarily need to know where this potent strain claims its genetic parentage, we are made all the more curious by these Spanish breeders’ special sauce.

If you’re looking to breed your own crop of 1024, we suggest a warm and sunny outdoor climate with low humidity. While it’s resistant to molds and mildew, wet environments simply don’t agree with this strain. Without ideal outdoor conditions, best to take this crop inside.

1024 Cannabis Strain Profile

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