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10th Planet Hybrid Cannabis Strain

10th planet is an Indica-dominant, hybrid cannabis strain with just the right amount of heady effects with a relaxing and down to earth appeal.

While its name is derived from the recent NASA discovery of the 10th planet in our solar system, formally known as 2018 VG18. We know, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. However, this strain has an out of this world appeal that cannasseurs and casual users can appreciate. That’s why 10th planet is such an appropriate moniker.

10th Planet is a cross between Planet of the Grapes and Quattro Kush from Ethos Genetics. With a tested THC content ranging between 20-25% this heavy hitter is no dwarf, like the celestial body it is named after.

This is a great strain for positive and relaxing effects as well as for stimulating appetite. You may also find this strain a reliable one to relieve chronic pain, stress, and headaches. It can also temper mood swings if you are one to experience manic highs or depressed lows from day to day.

Aromas that are easily recognized with this bud include earthy and skunk with a hint of spice when ground or smoked. The flavor profile is similar with its heavy layer of skunk that is cut by fruit and citrus notes.

You will find the appearance of these buds much more appealing than a lifeless rock at the edge of our solar system. Buds are large and fluffy with sunset-like hues ranging from deep green to purple. A rich carpet of trichomes is interrupted but sporadic and thick orange hairs.

One for remarkable yields, 10th Planet forgoes superfluous foliage in favor of more and larger buds. You can grow indoor or outdoor with relative ease, provided the humidity is not oppressive.

10th Planet Cannabis Strain Profile

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