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22 Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Built on the strain named for one of the cannabis movement’s most prominent figures, 22 is an inbred cross between two variants of the Jack Herer strain. Created in the labs of Cali Connection, this potent and recognizable construction will deliver uplifting and euphoric effects.

With an average THC content of nearly 30%, this Indica-dominant strain delivers one heck of a wallop. Be prepared for an intense effect initially as things subside into a relaxing and enduring experience.

Users will find this strains hazy floral and somewhat piney flavors are mirrored in its pungent aroma that wastes no time in filling a room with its intoxicating scent.

Providing a euphoric and uplifting quality to its high, 22 is an excellent strain to look at when interested in combating the stresses and anxiety of your day-to-day.

Bright green and fluffy flowers covered in lengthy red pistils are in no short supply when these plants are well-maintained.

Producing significant yield, this strain has a relatively short flowering time of just 60-70 days, according to the developers at Cali Connection. Yields are on the higher end of the spectrum as well, combining fast time to flower with ample reward for the attentive grower.


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