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24k Gold Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Developed by crossing Kosher Kush and Tangie cannabis strains, the geneticists at Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics have created a solid-gold strain. Backed by numerous user reviews, this moderately potent strain is built with relaxation in mind.

Offering all the benefits of an Indica with hint of Sativa, 24K Gold and its lab-tested THC content of 20% will deliver extreme relaxation and mood elevation alongside a creative boost that users will welcome.

Not only does the strain help with anxiety and depression, but it is also reported to aid in mild to moderate pain relief. Many users attest that this strain helps alleviate nausea, too.

Unfortunately, there are a few instances of side effects beyond the standard dry mouth and dry eyes associated with cannabis use. For some, this strain has caused dizziness and headaches. Not that we expect a large contingent of users to experience these same effects, it’s just something to be aware of.

IN appearance, most will remark the darker colored buds of 24K Gold, which can be attributed to its parent, Kosher Kush. The sweet and citrusy flavors are impactful, whether smoke, eaten, or vaped.

24K Gold has a moderate flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and will yield an equally cannabis in an equally middle-of-the-road amount. Growers can expect to get anywhere between 450-550g per square meter, according to the strain’s developers. Seeds can be purchased online directly from DNA Genetics’ website.

24K Gold Cannabis Strain Profile

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