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3 in the Pink Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Delivering a body buzz you’ll want to fully explore, 3 in the Pink is a 40/60 combination of Sativa and Indica, respectively. Created by the breeders at Exotic Genetix, the strain is a mix between Triple OG and Pink Cookies cannabis strains.

Delivering a pronounced and effective body high, this cannabis strain packs a punch where it matters. Contrary to what its name may invoke in the more risqué imagination, the pleasant pink this strain provides comes in the form of its flower. With rosy buds and crystals, users will have no problem drawing the connection between name and appearance.

Because 3 in the Pink offers a heavy somatic experience, it is generally reserved for evening and nighttime use. Effects include a considerable body high as well as deep and restful sleep. Many users rely on this strain to help combat the effects of chronic pain and insomnia.

Users have attested to this strain’s earthy and floral aromas that are punctuated with an herby and citrus veneer.

The bud profile is compact and tight with a time to maturity averaging 60 days. Yields are reportedly rather generous, as well. The strain has since been retired by the creators at Exotic Genetix. So, chances are you will have a hard time getting your hands on seeds or clones until further notice.

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