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3D CBD Cannabis Strain

3D CBD is a strain straight from Snoop Dog’s line of cannabis products that were developed with the medical marijuana patient in mind. This therapeutic strain leans into alleviating what ails the medical user, while still delivering on the enjoyable effects that recreational cannabis users have come to enjoy of Sativa-dominant cannabis strains.

3D CBD is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain belonging to a stellar lineup of cannabis flower products sold under Snoop Dogg’s cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop. The lineage of the strain is shrouded in secrecy as part of an effort to maintain Snoop’s corner on this low THC, high-CBD strain. As a result, 3D CBD’s parentage remains unknown.

3D CBD is a 20% Indica and 80% Sativa blend with a 5:8 ratio of THC to CBD. THC averages 10-11%, though it has been tested as high as 13%. The effects, as one might expect of a strain designed for medical patients, are quick to alleviate pain, stress, inflammation, muscle spasms, and anxiety. The result of use will be found in a more relaxed disposition, happier and more positive mood, and greater focus.

With earthy and woody-dominant aroma, gives way to more faint fruity and tropical notes when the flower is crush or otherwise processed. The flavors include pine and tropical fruit that can linger long after vaping or smoking. The appearance of these buds is marked with bright green leaf and flower, bright orange hairs, and densely crystallized surface.

Growing can be a challenge due to the extent Leafs by Snoop keeps a close guard on seeds and clones. However, it’s been rumored that those with a close connection to the source can get their hands on cuttings of this sought-after strain.

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