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3X Crazy cannabis strain

With a name like 3X Crazy, this strain has a lot to live up to. Fortunately for recreational and medical cannabis users, 3X Crazy delivers quite readily in all departments. With a triple threat of genetic advantages, this cannabis strain is among the most potent Indica-dominant cannabis strains.

A 70% Indica and 30% Sativa mix, 3X Crazy receives its name from its three parents, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. Each a notable strain in their own right, these strains come together to artfully elevate a new cannabis strain that combines the best qualities of each and entice cannabis enthusiasts of every background.

Boasting a 21% THC content, according to the Pacific Seed Bank, 3X Crazy packs one heck of a punch. However, it tends to hover around 16% on average. Due to its heavy Indica genetics, 3X Crazy imparts a substantial sensation of relation, which instills euphoria and happiness in users. The effects eventually give way to sleepiness as they work to relieve stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

3X Crazy aromas include earthy and peppery notes that are complimented by sweet and distinctively grape notes. When it comes to flavors, those sweet notes are reinforced with hints of berry and grape with a skunk and spicy veneer. The structure of this strain can be characterized by small, moderately dense green buds with sparsely spaced pistils and a significantly dense coating of milk-white trichomes.

For those interested in growing 3X Crazy cannabis, you’ll be bummed to learn that seeds are hard to come by. However, clones may be more accessible. Indoor grows will experience a flowering time ranging from 7 to 9 weeks and yields that tips the scales of 12 ounces per square meter. Outdoor grows will reach harvest in September or October and easily produce 12 ounces or more per plant.

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