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4 Kings Cannabis Strain

If you thought that 3 Kings was the pinnacle of royal reefer, think again. 4 Kings does you one better with an Indica-dominant offering from the same breeders that tips the scales of THC and body-focused effects.

An 80% Indica and 20% Sativa split, this strain of cannabis is one you’ll want to be sitting down for when it comes time to smoke. Developed by breeders at Exotic Genetix, 4 Kings boasts THC content that tops out at 25%, though 20% is likely more the norm. A cross between Los Angeles OG Kush and Triple OG, this plant packs unrivaled highs in a relatively small package.

Due to a largely Indica lineage, 4 Kings is primarily relied upon to remedy mood and somatic ailments. It will stimulate the mind and give a boost of energy as well as heightened creativity, though its greatest impact is felt in pain relief and overall body high. Munchies will no doubt creep into the picture and lead to a deep sedative effect. Keep in mind the majority of users report significant dry mouth. So, you’ll want to have some mouthwatering snacks or an ample supply of hydration for your next 4 Kings session.

The aromas offered by the 4 Kings flower tend to be found on the earthy side with pine and pepper dominating the nose. Flavors mirror those aromatic qualities and carry through the smoke, lingering long after the session has ended. Buds are bright green with waxy leaves. Pistils are sparse, though a substantial blanket of small golden trichomes punctuates the profile.

4 Kings plants can be kept relatively stout in stature thanks to their Indica genes. Though, the strain can be a tough one to bring out to its fullest potential. Humidity needs to be controlled with smaller plants and airflow can be an issue if the foliage is left to proliferate on the plant. SCROG is a growing method recommended when propagating 4 kings cannabis.

4 Kings Cannabis Strain Profile | Four Kings

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