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501st OG is an Indica-dominated cannabis strain

Usually recommended for nighttime use, 501st OG is a heavy-hitting Indica that will leave users mellowed out and content as they drift off to dreamland. This hybrid has a lot going on and patients attest to its ability to counter several ailments while offering welcome relaxation.

501st OG is a creation of the breeders at Rare Dankness. The strain is a cross between Skywalker OG and a strain of the breeder’s own creation, referred to simply as Rare Dankness #1.

Offering a welcome reprieve from such ailments as chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, 501st OG excels at countering depression and calming the active mind. Insomnia is another troubling sleep disorder that 501st OG can help put to rest. Users may also find appetite stimulation and heightened sociability when using this strain.

Unsurprisingly, the typical OG aromas and flavors make an appearance in 501st OG. Piney and earthy notes are pronounced, but also complemented by sweet undertones. The taste is almost the same on the tip of the tongue but develops into sweet and citrusy notes. The tropical quality is almost sour and may leave you salivating. Buds are dark and covered with an ample coat of gold trichomes and speckled with tufts of amber hairs.

Notable for its ease of cultivation, 501st OG can be relied on as a beginner grower’s go-to strain. With plants reaching fewer than three feet in height, yet able to produce as much as 12 ounces each, 501st OG is one new grower will want to seek out and experienced growers may want to keep on hand. Seeds are readily available from the team at Rare Dankness, which has erected a sturdy distribution network in the US and Europe.

501st OG Cannabis Strain Profile

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