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707 Truthband is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain

A strain developed from two titans of the OG persuasion, 707 Truthband is a hybrid cannabis strain leaning heavily towards Indica. The effects, aroma, flavors, and appearance all lend credence to this strain’s superior parentage.

707 Truthband is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is a split between 70% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics.

This cannabis strain stems from the crossbreeding of two OG strains of notoriety, Truth OG and 707 Headband. The resulting mix is a potent specimen that ensures a body-focused experience, while still engaging the psychoactive components that consumers enjoy.

While it has been tested to contain THC levels of up to 23%, the average THC content of 707 Thruthband is closer to 19%.

The effects are largely leaning towards the somatic end of the spectrum. This is due in part largely to the strain’s more dominant side expressing Indica qualities. The remaining Sativa contribution delivers a pleasant heady experience that is not overwhelming. This allows the consumer to enjoy the relaxing qualities of the strain without experiencing overstimulation.

Most who enjoy 707 Truthband do so for its relaxing effects, ability to quell anxiety and stress, as well as easing the effects of fatigue. By allowing the body to recuperate unimpeded, 707 Truthband has gathered a substantial following of loyal cannaseurs.

707 Truthband has a distinct profile of large, dark green, and often florid leaves. Its buds are of considerable size, as well, replete with frosty calyxes and light amber pistils.

The strain’s flavor is noted as spiced and fruity. The rich, sweet aroma couples nicely with its citrus and piney quality.

For those interested in growing 707 Truthband, you’ll be pleased to know that it is a forgiving and resilient strain.  Being able to stand up to neglect and bouncing back with relative ease from deficiencies, this abundant-yielding strain is a great one for new growers. Gardeners can expect yields upwards of 8 lbs in ideal conditions after a 10-week flowering period.

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