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805 Glue Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Matching together two well-known and robust strains created 805 Glue, a hybrid cannabis strain that provides a pronounced body high coupled with mildly psychoactive effects.

A strain descended from the classic Gorilla Glue and 805 strains, 805 Glue comes to us from the geneticists at boutique cannabis labs, Pacific Stone.

With 85% of its genetics comprised of Indica qualities and 15% Sativa minority, consumers will find using 805 Glue will produce intense relaxation and euphoria while retaining the mental clarity and focus needed to not feel out of sorts.

With an average THC content of 21%, 805 Glue is not to be trifled with by the inexperienced smoker.

Consumers from all experience levels will appreciate the immense body high high805 Glue offers. The strain seems to make body aches and pain melt away as it puts you down for the count in terms of motivation. May as well sit back and enjoy the staycation.

805 Glue is most commonly used to treat physical ailments but offers considerable benefits in the form of focus and mood elevation, as well.

The bud profile of 805 Glue is small in stature but dense in quality. Flowers bright green and modest in size. The buds are frosted with an abundance of crystals and sticky resin. Short orange hairs are a minimalist accent on this strain.

Consumers will be greeted with pungent and skunky aromas with a spiced and earthy flavor upon use.

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, 805 Glue is relatively forgiving in growing operations. Despite its origin in California’s 805 area code, we don’t recommend growing this strain where it will receive consistent onshore winds.

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