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818 OG Cannabis Strain

818 OG is a derivative strain from OG lineage that earned its name from the San Fernando Valley in California, where it originated. Ideal growing conditions for the original OG strain proved a boon for cannabis growers in the valley, thus 818 OG was born.

The strain is a direct-descendent from OG Kush and comes complete with the same OG qualities consumers have grown to love.

With 70% Indica genetics and 30% Sativa, 818 OG is a giver when it comes to sensational somatic effects. That said, the strain is no slouch when it comes to rejuvenating the mind, just as it does the body.

This strain contains an average of 18% THC, which is more than enough to impart its unique brand of strong relaxation.

While it’s a strain of note for its potency and parentage, it’s still an exceptional option for smokers of all levels. Just be sure you’re somewhere you can sit down if you’re not a regular consumer. Most will find this strain helps considerably in elevating the mood, remedying fatigue, and countering all sorts of physical ailments.

With frosty, dense buds in abundance, this plant provides a stellar visual experience as well as one for the body and mind. The smell of 818 OG is saliva-inducing thanks to its citrus and characteristically Kush aromas. The taste is equally as lush with sweet citrus and piney flavors.

Growing 818 OG will produce the best results in the San Fernando Valley of California, the region it is named for. If you can recreate those conditions, you’ll be in good shape and a considerable yield of sticky buds will be yours after a roughly 9-week flowering period.

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