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831 OG Cannabis Strain

831 OG is derived from the original OG Kush, though it has been adapted to the Santa Cruz region of California. This region is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and coastal Santa Cruz mountains. A unique pocket of culture and old-growth redwood forests make this home of the 831 area code truly unique.

With 60% Indica genetics and 40% Sativa, 831 OG delivers on the powerful relaxation and sedation many fans have come to love, but also imparts considerable psychoactive effect on the mind that energize and invigorate users.

Boasting an average THC content of 18%, 831 OG is a product of the genetics labs at the renowned California Patients Association farms. 831 OG is a cross between the notorious OG Kush and Afgooey strains.

Consumers look to this strain for its ability to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain as a result of injury or illness, MS, muscle and joint inflammation, and depression.

The bud profile of this strain is characteristically Kush with bright flowers, covered in crystals, and with an ample coat of hairs ranging in various hues of orange and red. Flavors include citrus, spice, and pepper with aromas that mimic the same profile.

Just as with OG strains coined with other locale area codes, 831 OG is uniquely suited for the Santa Cruz ecosystem. It’ll be a tough one to replicate. However if you can, the yields of these sweet sticky buds are considerable and will earn the envy of your fellow smokers.

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