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840 hybrid Cannabis Strain

840 is a strain reportedly developed by combining some of the most well-known and potent cannabis strains. The result is a 50/50 split hybrid that is colorful, energizing, and potent. While we’re hard-pressed to find details about the strain, many musings from consumers have left breadcrumbs as to the legend of 840.

Possibly a play on the doubling of 420, cannabis culture’s favorite time, date, and number, 840 is said to have been birthed in the labs of Dragonfly Earth Medicine. The brand appears to no longer be in the genetics game but does offer a wide range of cannabis cultivation products. The strains DEM reportedly combined to make this Frankenstein include Afgoo, Super Lemon Haze, Purple Thai, and God Bud. What a mouthful.

As an even split between Sativa and Indica, the strain is said to offer both relieving somatic effects and amusing psychoactive properties that impart energy and lots of motivation.

We couldn’t find anything concrete as to the potency of the strain in our research but some reports point to an average of 18% THC, with some attesting results as high as 35%. The terpene profile on this strain is also richly comprised, which imparts unique smells and flavors reminiscent of huckleberry, wine, and cedar.

Based on the sparse information we were able to collect on 840, chances are growing this strain will be quite cumbersome, if it even still exists.

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