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hybrid AWh ’98 Aloha White Widow

’98 Aloha White Widow

'98 Aloha White Widow Cannabis Strain

’98 Aloha White Widow is a substantially more potent strain of White Widow. The parent is one of the most notable cannabis strains around, placed on a pedestal with other Hawaiian heavyweights, like Maui Wowie, Hawaiian Snow, and Kona Gold.

This Sativa-dominant strain keeps THC at a manageable level, but still delivers a scenario that most will want to sit down for. Considered a one-hitter-quitter far and wide, ’98 Aloha White Widow will leave you in a scintillating mind-fog with an invigorating burst of energy you may not know how to apply.

’98 Aloha White Widow is a 70% Sativa, 30% Indica phenotype of the legendary White Widow strain. You’ll feel relaxed and euphoric for the duration of your day with this strain, which often imparts a fit of the giggles. So, with a smile ear-to-ear, you may never want to look back once you’ve laid eyes on this tropical iteration of a tried and true crowd pleaser.

Boasting a respectable 20% average THC content, this strain hit above its weight class. Being a Sativa-dominant variety, this strain helps significantly with mood disorders and physical ailments associated with the head. This includes anxiety, stress, depression, glaucoma, fatigue, and migraines.

With a characteristic spicy and earthy aroma of White Widow, ’98 Aloha White Widow adds its own unique spin on the scent with sweet and tropical pungency. Flavors of this strain include skunk, diesel, and spicy notes.

This strain likes room to grow, so be sure you have the headroom to accommodate if you don’t plan to train plants or employ advanced growing techniques, like tying down. If you can mimic the Hawaiian ecosystem, this plant will reward you will ample yields. Insects tend to be attracted to this plant, which makes it a better indoor candidate than outdoor growing operations.

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