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A-10 An Indica cannabis strain

A-10 is an Indica cannabis strain, delivering dependable and recuperative downtime when it’s needed most. Consumers will find the reliability of this strain to be a blessing in times of fatigue, pain, and when sleep remains elusive.

According to Pacific Seed Bank, which carries A-10 in packets from 3 to 25 seeds, A-10 is the product of breeding efforts at Mendocino Farms. The resulting Indica strain is a great one for new smokers to use as an introduction into the world of Indica.

The full-body relaxation and considerable couch lock mean this strain is to be reserved for evening hours and just before bedtime. This way, you’ll be able to shed the stresses and anxiety of the day for some much-needed rest. If sleep remains just out of reach regularly, this strain can send you off to dreamland without the overactive mind many of us experience in the quiet dark of our unlit bedrooms.

The bright green foliage of A-10 is a nice contrast to its abundance of wiry white, yellow, and amber hairs. With an average THC content of 16%, none should experience issues with overstimulation and racing thoughts characteristic of highly-potent Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrids.

The aromas associated with A-10 include earthy and hash notes. Flavors include the same with the addition of skunk and woody tones.

For growers, A-10 is a medium-profile plant that can be well suited for both indoor and outdoor growing. Yields can reach as high as 22 ounces per plant, though 19 is probably more likely in most cases. Flowering times can also be completed in a swift 45 days. Stretch it to 55 to increase the yield.

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