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Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain

A-Dub is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain comprised of Diesel and Chemdawg genetics. The resulting creation has been dubbed, at least at one point, by high Times Magazine as one of Earth’s Strongest Strains”.

Containing an unbelievable 28% THC content, this strain should be avoided by all but the most seasoned of consumers. The resulting high could induce some severe paranoia, anxiety and generally leave you having an all-around poor experience. Leave this one to the veterans of cannabis culture.

A-Dub is a proper cross between two hybrids Sour Double and Alien Dawg. The two of which are crosses between Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble Cross and Alien Tech and Chemdog Cross, respectively.

A dizzying bright green coated in an ample amount of trichomes, this strain has all the sweet, fruity, skunkified flavors and aromas one would expect from its parents.

While the effects can be uncomfortably potent for some, many look to this strain to help alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety and depression as well as PTSD and hypertension. Being an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa mix, the somatic effects are much more pronounced than the mental impact of this strain, once tolerance is no longer a factor in how you’ll react. Be aware this strain has been known to cause serious cases of cottonmouth. So, make sure you’re well-hydrated and have some liquid nearby in the event you find your tongue sticking to your gums.

A-Dub is a strain that can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors with relative ease. Flowering time extends into the 9-week range with high yields being the result.

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