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A La Mode hybrid cannabis strain

A’ La Mode is a creation of Green Team Genetics, whose team of lab tech turned out this strain by combining Milkbone and Cookie Pebbles strains. The combined two impart sweet and fruity notes with toasted waffle and cream. Just writing it down has me looking for a reason to hit the store for some sundae fixins.

The strain has ample amounts of cannabinoids, with an average THC content of 22%. This hybrid cannabis strain is one you’ll want on the menu at your local dispensary.

A-la-mode is another notable strain with a similar name. Bred by Geneticists at Canna Organix, this variety is a mix of Gelato 41 and Wedding Cake. The growers describe their strain as a dense, mid-sized plant with marbled purple flowers through and through.

Whichever you find in your locale, they’re sure to please with relatively equal amounts of THC and dependable genetics that instill relaxation and mood-elevating qualities.

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