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AAA OG Cannabis Strain

AAA OG is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that delivers a combination of energizing mental stimulus and a euphoric body high. The 55% Sativa and 45 % Indica genetics don’t tip the scales too far in either direction, ensuring that a wider audience can enjoy this unique strain.

The average THC content of AAA OG comes in at 21%, though it’s been tested as high as 24%. This puts the strain’s potency in the upper echelon. So, remain wary as an inexperienced smoker, this one may get the better of you.

The aromas of AAA OG can be best described as foundationally earthy with highlights of citrus and pine. The flavors include a sweet and spicy woody palate. The buds themselves are bright in all aspects, from the foliage to the crystals and calyxes. AAA OG buds are dense, stout, and erupt with fragrance when ground.

Most consumers agree this bud is all about improving the mood, uplifting, and imparting healthy happiness alongside serene relaxation. Don’t be surprised if you get hit with a fit of giggles when enjoying this strain. The most often reported side effect is cottonmouth, so be sure to keep something to hydrate with nearby.

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