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dominant Indica genetics

Above and Beyond is an OG Kush phenotype and hybrid cannabis strain. The dominant Indica genetics of this strain makes it one that leans heavily on somatic effects, though there are mood-elevating qualities imparted by its Sativa genetics.

Created by breeders at Gage Green Group, Above and Beyond is a combination of Alien OG, Cousin, and Grape Stomper BX2 strains. As a highly euphoric example of OG genetics, consumers will want to savor and explore the creativity and meditative qualities of this strain.

With an average THC content of 19%, this strain is far from otherworldly in the potency department. However, Above and Beyond has been tested as high as 25% THC content. Stress and fatigue are among the most popular use cases for this strain, though there are plenty of people who use it to counter their ADHD or ADD. Additionally, most consumers of Above and Beyond report that they feel especially creative while under its effects.

The strain has a wonderful sour and piney aroma that is punctuated with sweetness. Its flavor is a deeper dive into the Grape Stomper characteristics Above and Beyond has picked up with an abundance of sweet and candy-like grape. The buds themselves are tapering in profile with bright green foliage and milky white crystals erupting from its flowers’ surface.

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