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Abusive OG is a pure Indica cannabis strain

Abusive OG is a popular phenotype of OG Kush. It has a nickname that connotes qualities far from those that are conducive in cannabis culture. Fortunately, the strain is a pleasant one that offers peace of mind and a wave of relaxation with every breath.

A strong derivative strain from classic OG genetics, Abusive OG carries the characteristic earthy notes in flavor and smell along with a hint of herbs and citrus.

The strain contains an average THC content of 15% and as much as 5% CBD. This is where the strain enjoys its highest marks. The moderate potency and rounding off of the high with a healthy dose of CBD ensures this smoke won’t put you on edge.

While the strain has heavy Indica characteristics that translate into fully immersive body highs, it has an uncharacteristic psychoactive component, too. This strain will put you to rest while allowing you to stay alert. Among medicinal users, the best use of Abusive OG falls in line with conditions like depression, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and appetite loss.

This plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor grow settings. It’s also a good introduction for new growers as it can take some abuse and is forgiving of neglect. Flowering time is relatively short, coming to maturity as quickly as 7 weeks and yielding up to 9 ounces in ideal conditions.

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