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Acai Berry Gelato is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain

Also known as one of the South American superfoods, the acai berry has gained immense popularity in the states since its introduction. Acai Berry Gelato plays on the popularity of the superfood with a super strain that is equally as tasty and energizing.

With parents that include Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert, this strain is packed with sweet and tropical fruity undertones you will be able to instantly recognize once you’ve been introduced.

By delivering a quality high that won’t put you down for the count or leave you on edge with paranoia, Acai Berry remains among the top strains for everyday use. Most report this strain imparting a general feeling of wellbeing and happiness as well as being relaxed. Many attest to its ability to relieve mild headaches, induce appetite, relieve anxiety, and alleviate stress. Just like a superfood, this strain has many benefits.

Enjoy a boost to energy and mood with this Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

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