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Acapulco Gold A Sativa-dominant specimen

Acapulco Gold is a strain that first gained notoriety south of the Border in the Mexican city of the same name.

With a captivating appearance, this strain has been likened to the gold standard of cannabis. A Sativa-dominant specimen, 50% Sativa and 20% Indica, Acapulco Gold has earned its reputation for aesthetics and its uniquely strong effects.

With dense and abundant kolas appearing in bright green and golden hues, Acapulco Gold delivers one of the most potent psychoactive highs out there. With only 19% THC content on average, this strain exists on another plane, despite what its lab results may say.

Many reports that this strain can readily impart paranoia in a user with lower tolerances as well as cottonmouth, that latter symptoms is one just about any person can succumb to. Make sure to have some hydration on hand if you manage to secure a bag of this finer specimen.

That said, the strain appears to work wonders for many mental disorders, like PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder.

You’d be lucky to find seeds or cuttings of a verified plant. However, if you do manage to secure a piece of Acapulco Gold, be sure to treat this plant with the respect it deserves. A giant in terms of stature, this plant thrives in outdoor settings, where it can really spread its branches. Flowering times can stretch into the 11-week timeframe, after which plants can deliver yields of up to 19 ounces.

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