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ACDC Cannabis Strain Sativa and Indica

Get ready for a different kind of high in the form of ACDC. This CBD-dominant strain belongs in a class all its own. Despite its 50/50 genetic split between Sativa and Indica, it excels primarily in delivering the effects that only CBD can.

Originally selected for its high CBD content by Dr. William Courtney, this phenotype was found in a seed pack procured from a Spanish seed bank, Resin Seeds.

Today, the strain is one of the most popular among medical users. The strain has nearly 20% CBD content and a minimal 1% THC content. The resulting hybrid has been reported to alleviate symptoms of several disorders and ailments, including nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and PTSD.

From a recreational standpoint, this strain excels in delivering a general sense of well-being and happiness without any groggy or debilitating effects.

When it comes to the unique aromas of this strain, the qualities of earthiness, pine, spice, and pepper come to the surface. The flavors are equally rooted in the earth, with a healthy dose of earthiness, honey, and hints of berry on the tongue.

Currently, it is unknown if seeds are still in circulation for ACDC. However, it has been reported that cuttings can be procured from a select few cultivators. Plants are bushy, rarely exceeding four feet in height. Its profile is akin to skunk varieties and modestly sized colas are the norm. Flowering times complete in the 9 to the 10-week range and resulting yields are average in bulk with finger-sized stout buds.

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