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Aceh is a Sativa cannabis strain

A wholly Sativa cannabis strain, Aceh is a variety originating in the equatorial region of Sumatra. Being part of one of the most conservative provinces of a predominantly conservative country, this landrace strain is uniquely positioned in geographic and political cultures.

Aceh is a 100% Sativa cannabis train with purer genetics than most, due to it being a landrace strain. Generally considered to be indigenous to the region, getting your hands on seeds or cuttings of this plant is a formidable endeavor. However, if you can manage to locate and secure either, you’ll be rewarded with an imposingly large specimen with considerable Sativa qualities and mid-range potency. The THC content of Aceh averages 10%.

The effect most consumers report when using Aceh includes those focused on mental faculties, mood, and overall disposition. Aceh is a strain useful in alleviating the effects of stress, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, headaches, chronic pain, and ocular pressure. It has also been widely reported to impart a euphoric feeling that grants consumers considerable energy and creativity.

The strain is a pure Sativa. As a result, its flavors and aromas include tropical and woody accents along with citrus and earthy notes. Pine, skunk, and menthol are among the less often reported characteristics of the buds.

For those who are intent on growing Aceh, it’s reputed to be a tall and lanky plant. Coming from an island rainforest, heat and humidity are what this plant craves. If the hot and humid tropical weather of this plant’s native region cannot be replicated, this strain is not recommended for cultivation. However, in the right conditions, this plant will take 8-9 weeks to complete its flowering and produce large and dense buds that are thickly coated with trichomes and bright orange pistils.

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