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Acid is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid Cannabis strain

While Acid is known as a substance to cause intense psychoactive effects, this Acid is far more forgiving on the mind and proceeds to deliver exceptional somatic effects in addition to a heady buzz and euphoric experience.

Third-place winner of the 2016 Copa THC Valencia in Spain in the category of Best Indoor-Grown Flower, Acid enjoys considerable appeal among consumers of every experience level.
This Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain comes from Paradise Seeds and is the breeder’s own brand of the original New York Sour Diesel strain. Users can expect this strain to deliver scintillating somatic effects alongside an elevated and impressive psychoactive component. Acid is a 60% Indica and 40% Sativa split that contains an average of 18% THC.

The flowers of this plant exhibit effervescent effects that focus, energize, and help rehabilitate users. Acid is most often used among those who suffer from migraines, fatigue, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression, and nausea.

The aromas of Acid include a characteristic diesel smell that can present in harsh and pungent fumes. The addition of sour citrus and thick cheese emerge in the flavor profile.
This hybrid cannabis strain is well suited for both indoor and outdoor growing operations. It has a slightly longer flowering period, which can run as long as 10 weeks, and prefers a slightly humid climate that oscillates between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Acid’s ability to endure mild to moderate inclement conditions for short time periods makes it suitable for a first-time grower.

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