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Afcrack combines two extremes between Indica and Sativa

Afcrack may have a chortle-inducing name, but it is all business when it comes to living up to genetics that are in stark contrast to one another on polar opposites of the cannabis spectrum.

This strain is a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hybrid cannabis strain. It was created by combining Afgoo and Green Crack cannabis strains. These two varieties have considerable reputations of their own and have come together to create an equally notable child. With an average THC content of 18%, this strain is both potent and offers utility to recreational and medicinal consumers.

The effects of Afcrack can be tough to pin down. It would appear to most who try it that the effects will lean towards Sativa or Indica based on the dosage. As a result, you could enjoy the best of both worlds by either having a session that is either light and quick or heavier and longer to get the desired effects.

Users report Afcrack helps with several situations, including migraines, fatigue, stress, attention disorders, depression, chronic pain, glaucoma, fatigue, and insomnia. With such a list, Afcrack is a clear choice for recreational users and medical users who experience symptoms of these conditions.

When it comes to the smell of Afcrack, it’s been described as pungent with spicy and earthy qualities as well as sweet and citrus. Many of these characteristics also carry over into the taste of the strain. The flavor is less harsh than the smell, which can be quite pungent. The buds themselves are bright green and uniformly dense. The structure is consistent with calyxes covered in a thick mat of trichomes with hairs interlaced throughout the margins.

The strain prefers a temperate climate, similar to the Mediterranean region. Afcrack is overall relatively easy to grow, though it can be leggy and has a moderate indoor flowering period. Outdoor yields can reach as high as 16 ounces per plant in the right conditions though protection from wind may be required.

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