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A pungent hybrid cannabis strain an Indic-dominant hybrid

Affie Taffie is a pungent hybrid cannabis strain that has high levels of THC and a reputation for inducing munchies as few other strains can.

Affie Taffie is an Indic-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. This variety is rather potent and combines genetics from some notable existing cannabis strains.

Produced by Seattle Chronic Seeds, Affie Taffie is a combination of 91 Chem, LA OG Affi, and Agent Orange. The resulting strain is one with unmistakable smells that mix skunk, musk, earth, and muddy orange. The flavors improve significantly and retain the earth and citrus of its perfume.

With an average THC content of 18%, this strain is likely not a good introduction for inexperienced consumers. This 70% Indica and 30% Sativa hybrid cannabis strain is going to bring more body effects to the session than psychoactive components. However, be ready for a heady buzz when consuming Affie Taffie. Couch lock and munchies are the most often reported side effects, so be prepared with a comfortable seat and something to snack on for the duration. Otherwise, medical users can utilize Affie Taffie to alleviate the symptoms of pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, and several other disorders.

The strain has a moderate level of difficulty when it comes to cultivation. It can be trained to produce higher yields within its equally moderate, 60-day flowering period.

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