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Afghan Big Bud mix of Afghan Kush and Big Bud strains

Afghan Big Bud has big effects that come on strong and fast, though they peter out relatively quickly. This strain came as the result of crossing Big Bud and Afghan Kush strains. The resulting plant is reputed to have a considerably large structure and dark broad leaves. The strain is a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa split with an average THC content of 17%.

Effects of Afghan Big Bud include a euphoric and uplifted high that instills a spark of creativity. The strain is reputed to do well in combatting the effects of chronic pain and anxiety, as well as relieving stress and the effects associated with chronic depression. Dry mouth, dry eyes, and even paranoia can result as a side effect when consuming Afghan Big Bud.

If you’re interested in growing Afghan Big Bud, the strain is a popular one for consistent and resilient crops. The strain has a flowering period of 55-65 days and is generally a little on the tall side, though yields aren’t quite as large as one would hope due to its stature.

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