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Afghan Cow is a considerably sticky strain

Afghan Cow is a considerably sticky strain developed by breeders at Dr. Krippling Seeds. The Sativa-dominant cannabis strain is a battery for energy and was produced by mixing some very well-known strains together. The parents of Afghan Cow include Kali Mist, Ash, and an AK-47 phenotype, Kaya 47.

The 75% Sativa and 25% Indica strain tests at an average THC concentration of 20%. This ensures a strong smoke that may not be well-suited for new consumers. The heady effects of this strain enable use throughout the day for energy, creativity, and a sure-fire session to keep you off the couch.

While this variety is known for its energy and focus, the Afghan Cow strain also works to alleviate symptoms of depression, fatigue, headaches and migraines, stress, and glaucoma.

The aroma of Afghan Cow can be likened to fresh pasture, with earthy and grassy notes. There’s a hint of grape in there as well that really becomes pronounced in the taste of the strain. Add to that berries and a creamy texture to the smoke for a more detailed picture of this strain’s flavor.

This strain is a considerable producer, yielding as much as 46 ounces per plant in ideal outdoor conditions. Afghan Cow’s flowering period ranges between 8 and 9 weeks indoors, while the season comes to a close for this strain in late October. One thing to watch out for is vegetation constricting airflow, which can produce conditions advantageous for mold and fungus. As an Afghani variant, this strain will thrive best in Mediterranean-like conditions with a semi-humid climate.

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