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Afghan Diesel mix of Cannabis Sativa and Indica Strain

Afghan Diesel is a curious combination of equal parts Indica and Sativa. The hybrid cannabis strain is relatively potent, with an average THC content of 18%. The resulting flower produces a wide range of effects that both medical and recreational consumers can enjoy. Many users report this strain is excellent for those with arthritis and inflammation, chronic pain, PTSD, attention disorders, hypertension, anxiety, and stress, among other conditions.

While the buds of Afghan Diesel release a smell dominated by grapefruit and tropical fruit, its flavors deepen to reveal diesel, herbaceous, and spicy qualities. Deep green to purple foliage of this variety paint a pretty picture of this strain’s ample yield of frosty buds.

As an evenly split hybrid, this strain is moderate in stature and bears some resistance to common diseases and pests. As an Afghani variety, it also prefers a semi-humid and Mediterranean-like climate to thrive.

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