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Afghan Kush is an Indica cannabis strain

This Indica landrace strain has a huge following among fans of substantial body highs and strong pedigrees. Afghan Kush is generally considered to be a pure Indica strain, though some phenotypes have been reported to hover around 90%. This means its effects will primarily focus on the body and conditions impacting the body.

A native species of cannabis hailing from the Amu Darya River Valley, Afghan Kush is believed by many to be one of the foundational strains from which all modern Indica strains are derived.

Afghan Kush is a potent Indica strain that has been tested to contain an average of 21% THC and 6% CBD. The resulting mix is a heavy hitter on the body but mellowed out significantly thanks to the inclusion of a considerable amount of CBD.

One can expect this strain to deliver heavy sedation and relaxation. That makes Afghan Kush an evening use strain. Avoid use during the daytime hours. When in a good place to embrace the effects, consumers will find this strain also helps ease anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

A bright green and sparkling specimen, Afghan Kush has very pale pistils that complement its generous coat of trichomes. Buds are oblong in profile and medium to small in size.

Aromas associated with Afghan Kush tend to include a characteristic Kush and earthy essence with sweet and spicy notes. Flavors most often noted in Afghan Kush include a sweet and woody character alongside spicy, herbal, and piney character.

Those looking to grow Afghan Kush as an outdoor or indoor crop will find this strain thrives in diverse environments. However, it will perform best when trimmed and trained to help encourage greater yields, thou

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