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Afghan Skunk is a pungent and potent cannabis strain

Afghan Skunk is considered a classic cannabis strain with heavy Indica genetics to ensure it delivers a top-quality and relaxing high, consistently. Its dependability in results and cultivation have made it a favorite among not only consumers but growers of all experience levels, too.

Afghan Skunk is heavily favored Indica cannabis strain, ranging from 50% to 85% Indica, depending on who you ask. The strain is a result of breeding Skunk 1 and Afghani cannabis strains and averages around 18% THC content. Both parent strains are reputed to provide considerable benefits to the body and this translates clearly in Afghan Skunk. For example, Afghan Skunk can help to combat the persistent symptoms of arthritis and joint inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and help those suffering from insomnia to get some much-needed sleep.

Beyond the medicinal benefits this highly regarded strain is capable of providing, it is also consistently able to impart a general sense of well-being, uplifted mood, and stress relief. Who couldn’t use a bit of that in their day?

This hybrid strain is one with a pungent aroma that features notes of pungent skunk, earthy spice, and sweet citrus. When it comes to the flavors many of the same notes come through with more emphasis on the spice, skunk, and sweet citrus.

Afghan Skunk is a resilient strain, capable of taking some neglect and bouncing back from adverse conditions. It provides dependable yields as well, provided it has the nutrient profile and climate that enable it to thrive. Being an easier than most strain to cultivate, Afghan Skunk is a great introduction to the world of cannabis growing.

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