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Afghan Sour Kush is a delightfully balanced cannabis strain

Combining the genetics of two well-known cannabis strains that impart a scintillating duality, Afghan Sour Kush has emerged as a crowd-pleaser and cannabis culture favorite.

Afghan Sour Kush is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain and was created by the geneticists at MTG Seeds by combining Afghani and Turbo Diesel-a notable strain that combines both Sour Kush and Sour Diesel. It’s moderately potent, testing an average THC content of 18%, though it has been tested as high as 21%. The strain is an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa mix, which emphasizes the body effects without negating the psychoactive components many appreciate of Sativa cannabis strains.

The strain artfully combines Sativa and Indica effects, ensuring neither gets the better of a consumer. Most will find this strain is capable of alleviating the symptoms of such conditions as depression, chronic stress, fatigue, attention and hyperactivity disorders, and conditions affecting the nerves. Beyond the medicinal benefits, Afghan Sour Kush also stimulates the libido, focus, and creative drive.

The aromas of Afghan Sour Kush are generally sweet and include hints of sour and diesel. Many gravitate towards this strain for its unique flavor profile alone. Many attest to the berry-like quality of Afghan Sour Kush’s flavor as well as nutty and tea-like features.

Cultivators will find Afghan Sour Kush produces quality yields, though its flowering period is a bit on the long side. 12 ounces per plant is not uncommon for this strain that favors warmer climates. With a temperament that will forgive up-and-coming growers, Afghan Sour Kush is great for beginner to intermediate growers to approach.

Afghan Sour Kush Cannabis Strain Profile


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