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Afghan Widow combines two stellar cannabis strains

Afghan Widow is the product of combining two of the most well-known cannabis strains, Afghan Kush and White Widow. Each is a heavyweight in its respective arena. The two join forces to create a 500/50 split of Sativa Indica that few can deny is a shining example of cannabis breeding possibilities.

Afghan Widow this evenly split hybrid cannabis strain is a relatively mellow one, testing at an average THC content of 15%. That said, the strain is in a class few other strains can call home.

Afghan Widow brings positivity and energy to the session with medicinal and recreational benefits most consumers can get behind. On the utilitarian front, medicinal users will enjoy this strain’s ability to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, and ocular conditions. The recreational users will gravitate towards this strain for its ability to imbue the spirit with creativity, focus, and euphoria. The resulting high endures and leads to restful sleep.

Afghan Widow is a beautiful plant to behold. Its bright green and popcorn-sized buds may not seem immediately impressive, by their thick coating of large crystals and wiry orange hairs provide a commanding presence.

The smells associated with Afghan Widow include diesel, pepper, citrus, and notes of coffee. The flavors deepen and include a pungent earthy and floral character.

This strain is medium in stature and will thrive in most climates. It has a flowering period that is relatively short, at just 60 days on average. The plant can still produce some issues for growers, so it’s not the best for beginners to tackle. That said, a competent grower can coax nearly two pounds out of an outdoor plant. Indoor operations will produce closer to one pound per plant.

Afghan Widow Cannabis Strain profile | Afghani Widow

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