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Afghani serves as a foundational cannabis strain

Afghani is a cannabis strain that has served as a parent for innumerable variants. Its notorious quality and resilience have made elevated it to celebrity status among growers and consumers. As a strain that resides cut above the rest in many ways, Afghani continues to endure as one of the most sought after and respected cannabis strains in production or use.

This strain has been tested to contain an average of 18% THC, though that number can oscillate up and down depending on the growing conditions of individual crops. It is generally considered to be a pure Indica strain, though some would attest to a 95% Indica and 5% Sativa makeup with a touch of CBD included for good measure.

As a strong Indica strain, Afghani focuses its power on the body. However, there are plenty of beneficial mental effects for consumers who prefer their high focus on the mind. Most notable among its effects is the strain’s euphoric effect on the consumer’s disposition and its considerable rejuvenating quality on the weary body. The strain is often relied upon to relieve symptoms of chronic pain and stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

The strain has a pronounced aroma dominated by floral and pungent earthy characters. Its flavor includes herbal, pine, and spicy notes, too. The bud profile is pillowy with a carpet of bright orange hairs covering its surface. The blanket can be peeled back to reveal an ample coating of narrow golden trichomes.

The considerable amount of resin this plant produces has made it a preferred source among producers of hashish.

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