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Afghanica Cannabis Strain Kabul Baba

Afghanica is a variant of the classic Afghani created by geneticists as The Flying Dutchmen a cannabis cultivation collective out of California, USA.

The strain has been bred to reliably produce vigorous, high-yielding plants that are potent as all get out. Afghanica is a hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the combination of Afghani x Skunk #1.

The aroma of the strain is floral with notes of musky skunk, citrus, and pine. Flavors include sweet hash, flowers, and berry. It is truly a mouthwatering experience to smoke or vape this strain.

The effects produced by Afghanica include euphoria, immense relaxation, a happy disposition, and a lulling effect that often leads to napping if not outright, night-long sleep. The strain is effective in alleviating the symptoms associated with chronic pain and stress, insomnia, and depression.

Many consumers believe this strain to reliably provoke a sometimes overwhelming body high and may increase the level of anxiety in those predisposed to such reactions.

Afghanica is a strain with seeds readily available for purchase online. It is a very resilient strain, with baked-in mold and pest resistance. This makes it an excellent choice for beginner growers. Plants will produce reliable, large buds after a moderate flowering period.

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