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Afghanimal Cannabis Strain

Afghanimal is a product of In House Genetics, combining Afghani and Animal Cookies strains. The resulting strain has emerged with unique character, profile, and effects.

As a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa split, this hybrid cannabis strain will focus on the body, but not negate the mind when it comes to how it affects consumers. Afghanimal has been tested to contain an average of 14% THC. This makes it a low to moderate strain in potency and can serve as a comfortable introduction to cannabis for inexperienced smokers.

More often than not, users will find this strain comes with a great uplifting quality that not only imparts a joyful disposition but also useful focus that can be relied upon throughout the day. Afghanimal has also been reported to stimulate arousal, appetite, and mood.

When it comes to the medicinal impact of this strain, it can help to relieve the symptoms associated with chronic pain, ocular pain, migraines, nausea, and insomnia.

The aromas of Afghanimal include musky earth and pungent skunk highlighted by citrus and near-diesel notes. The flavors of this strain emerge as a wholly different profile, consisting primarily of sweet fruit and citrus. Deep green fan leaves and white as snow trichomes make this plant a sight to behold. Bright orange pistils juxtapose nicely on the surface of the bud, which is generally small and popcorn-like in structure.

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