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Afgooey Cannabis Strain

Derived from two well-known cannabis strains, Afgooey emerges as a pleasant addition to the Afghani list of variants. Leading with dominant Indica characteristics, this strain is potent and focuses more on the body than the mind. This makes it a great candidate for somatic relief as well as nighttime use. This strain is an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa cross.

This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is a moderately potent specimen that will offer numerous opportunities for relief from ailments affecting the body. Afgooey is a favorite among consumers in medical and recreational circles thanks to its ability to leave the body feeling relaxed and sedated. This makeup benefits the user and diminishes the symptoms of conditions like stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. Recreational consumers will enjoy the body high that accompanies a session with Afgooey and the happy disposition it imparts.

Averaging 17% THC content, Afgooey is a mix between Afghani landrace and Maui Haze strains. Buds are conical in nature and light green with an abundance of frosty crystals and amber-colored hairs. The aromas associated with this strain can be described as pungent and spicy, with a thick skunky character and underlying sweet and woody notes. The flavors include an herbal bouquet, pine, and lingering sweetness.

Afgooey Cannabis Strain Profile

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