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Afkansastan Cannabis Strain

A hybrid cannabis strain that favors Indica qualities, Afkansastan is a Kush variant derived from the well-known Afghani landrace strain. The general consensus surrounding this strain is that it’s great for nighttime use, has a fleet of unique and arresting sensory qualities, and will be abler to address the symptoms of numerous afflictions that target the body.

A 70% Indica and 30% Sativa mix, this strain does focus on the body but doesn’t ignore the mind. Consumers will be greeted with a reliably cerebral head high when using this strain that is followed closely by significant body effects. Those effects will deliver relief from the symptoms of such conditions as chronic pain, muscle fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

The average THC content of Afkansastan hovers at 17-19%, a level typical of most Kush variants.

Dark green and often venturing into purplish hues, this strain’s buds are oblong in shape and somewhat dense with long narrow crystals covering the surface. Cark orange to copper-toned hairs erupt from the margins. When it comes to how this strain smells, there is an uncharacteristic sweetness of this Afghani Kush variant. The undertones of berry and fruit are mouthwatering and the pungent, skunky veneer adds to the appeal. The flavors of this smoke closely mirror its fragrance, imparting berry and earthy hash on the tongue.

As a characteristically Afghani variant, this strain is rather robust and will stand up to both punishment and neglect. It is moderately short in stature, making it a good choice for space-saving grows.

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